Hearing Aid Cleaning & Repair – South Williamsport, Mifflinburg, and Wellsboro, PA

How well your hearing aid works can depend on a number of factors. Sometimes it simply needs a professional cleaning, new batteries or an adjustment to match changes in your hearing loss. Or if it’s been dropped or exposed to water it may need a more in-depth repair. 

At Artisan Hearing Technologies LLC, we are able to help you repair your hearing aids and get them working like new again. If we’re not able to repair them on-site, we’ll send them back to the manufacturer for you. Call us to schedule a clean-and-check or repair. 

We also go a step further in the care and maintenance of your hearing aids when we repair and clean them. In our office, we remove the moisture by offering the Redux water-removal drying treatment system that leaves your hearing aids sounding better than ever before. Dry hearing aids sound better, require fewer repairs, and have an 80% chance of improving sound quality after every redux treatment. Are your hearing aids no longer working? Hearing aids have a 50% chance of revival after a Redux treatment. Call today to see how we can help!

Hearing Aid specialist holding a hearing aid that has just been repaired.