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At Artisan Hearing Technologies LLC, we’re committed to helping our patients restore their hearing and improve their quality of life. Armed with the latest hearing loss treatments, we’ll help you get back to doing what you love. Meet our team of highly qualified audiologists and hearing experts.

Jennifer Burget, BC- HIS
Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist

Jennifer Burget, BC- HIS

Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist

Jennifer Burget, Artisan’s owner, has proven herself as a self-starting entrepreneur with unrivaled commitment.

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Jennifer is a prime example of what author, Manoj Arora was referring to when he coined the phrase, “Do not go by my humble beginnings. Be wary of my enormous vision.” While working as an aid in a nursing home Jennifer applied for a position as an audiology technician in a local hospital. Her interest in the field of hearing was fueled. She expanded her role there with forays into marketing, program expansion and improved patient education. Just months later she passed the state boards and earned her license as a hearing instrument specialist.

Relocating to Williamsport, she began work in a small hearing aid clinic. Then in 2015, she opened Artisan Hearing Technologies. Her clinic has been recognized for excellence by local and national authorities alike.

Jennifer has not only provided benefits to her patients but the community as well. She actively participates in community events and has made generous donations to those in need. Some of her many awards and recognitions are sprinkled throughout her clinic. Not willing to rest, Artisan has continued its highly individualized approach to hearing healthcare with expansions to Mifflinburg and now Hughesville. Jennifer continues to promote excellence in patient care throughout central Pennsylvania. This shaker and mover is one to watch.

Jennifer A. Burget has been Inducted into the Prestigious Marquis Who’s Who Biographical Registry

Audiology clinic, Artisan Hearing Technologies, explores new ways of reaching patients

Robert D Gwyn, Audiologist

Robert D Gwyn, Au.D.


Dr. Robert D Gwyn has been active in the field of over 35 years.

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His varied experiences in the areas of clinical work and management have added value to the Artisan Hearing Technologies program. He obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in speech pathology and audiology, and Masters Degree in clinical audiology from Ithaca College. He followed that with a doctoral degree at Salus University as well as a second master’s degree in Healthcare Administration from the University of Scranton.

Dr. Gwyn’s work experience has included work in what was at the time the largest Ear, Nose, and Throat physicians’ office in Scranton. That lead to contract work with Bell Laboratories and later he was instrumental in creating the Audiology program at Wayne Memorial Hospital. he was appointed as the manager of the hospital’s Rehabilitation Program, heading 8 different departments ranging from physical, occupation, speech therapies as well as audiology and cardiology testing.

Throughout his career he has mentored audiology students and hearing instrument specialists alike. He joined the Artisan staff in January 2020 and continues to provide quality diagnostic and rehabilitative audiology to patients of all ages. In his spare time you can find him riding his bicycle on the area’s many beautiful trails.

Veronika Yerke, (Roni), Hearing Instrument Specialist.

Veronika Yerke, (Roni), HIS

Hearing Instrument Specialist

Veronika Yerke, (Roni), is an example of someone that has worked throughout the Artisan organization, holding first a support staff position handling the immense responsibilities that come with the front desk.

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Later, after being exposed to the field she acquired an interest in the new cutting-edge hearing aid technology offered at Artisan. So, she decided to take a new position as a hearing aid technician. In this position, she excelled in keeping patients’ hearing aids running long after their warranty. Her ability to disassemble aids and replace and clean their intricate parts made Artisan the place to go when hearing aids were waning.

Roni’s interest in her patients and her ability to handle their hearing aid problems opened the door for her to yet make another career move within Artisan. She began an apprenticeship and later passed her state boards to became one of Artisan’s hearing instrument specialists.

When you visit Artisan Hearing Technologies you may encounter Roni in a number of different places in our facility. Rest assured you’ll be well taken care of by this jack of all trades.

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